Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Indigestion: The Queasy Feeling in Your Stomach

I had indigestion yesterday. It was not funny at all. When i woke up, it was as if a hundred butterflies where in my stomach. I thought maybe it was because i had not gone to the 'white house' to offload. Well, that was not the reason, the food i ate the night before had not digested properly.

So, what is indigestion?
Indigestion simply put is stomach upset. It could be as a result of eating too much food, eating too fast and eating food that does not 'agree' with your system. Smoking, alcohol,stress and insomnia does not help matters at all. It worsens the indigestion.

These are some feelings you might experience{symptoms}:
- Pain or burning in your upper belly - usually in the middle
- Nausea {an urge to vomit}
- Bloating {that too full feeling where your stomach sticks out}
- Burping that is so hard to control.

What can you do to prevent indigestion:
- Avoid problem foods i. e. foods you have noticed that does not agree with your system.
- Avoid eating large meals but several small meals.
- Avoid too many citrus fruits{ the acid in this fruits can upset the digestive}.
- Eat slowly and make sure you chew your food.
- QUIT smoking or DON'T start smoking.
- Reduce stress and find means of relaxation.
- Don't eat a large meal before going to bed or engaging in serious activities such as sports to give your meal time to digest.

You might do all these and still have indigestion once in a while. Please do not forget to say "excuse me" when you burp uncontrollably.


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