Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mother who has never smoked a cigarette has terminal lung disease because of her parents' 60-a-day habit

A mother is suffering from a terminal smoking disease - even though she has never had a cigarette in her life.

Lynda Mitchell, 52, is dying from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, but has always despised tobacco.

The mother of one blames the illness on her parents who each puffed 60 cigarettes a day.

The former factory worker yesterday issued a stark warning to parents about the hazards of smoking around their children.

Lynda, of Withywood, Bristol, said: 'I will die from second hand smoke and I have never smoked in my life.

'My mum used to get up in the morning and light a cigarette. She smoked about 60 a day.

'I'd get up in the morning and the first thing that would hit me when I walked down the stairs was the vile smell of smoke. I would cough and cough until I was nearly sick.

'Nobody realised the devastating effects of smoking 50 years ago, they just thought it was fashionable.

'As I got older the information started to filter down about how smoking is bad for you and I was desperate for her to stop as a teenager.

'When mum realised what I had she stopped smoking indoors, but that was the 90s really. The damage was already done. I was finished.'

One cigarette in your car, even with the window down, is like forcing a child to spend an evening in a nightclub full of smokers.'

Source: Daily Mail UK

Hope y'all learn from this. You are not only harming yourself but also your children who inhale secondhand smoke. Please think about this young ones, they do not need to suffer for what they did not do.


  1. It's unfortunate that most people do not realize the hazards of second hand smoke. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. wow!!!! this is really educational, i've always thought second hand smoking was not as critical as this, but now i've realized how deadly it could be, thanks for this post.....

  3. interesting!

    for me sha, have not had many close encounters with smokers. back in the days, prospective bobos were eliminated on that ground